Case Study

Comma-Con 2020

Award Winning Eco Program

Facebook’s 2020 Comma-Con event was all about being eco-friendly and it was critical that they provided attendees with “green” gifts.

Silicon Valley Specialties (SVS) was up to the challenge! We presented unique ideas and identified different ways the group could achieve this important goal.

Having worked on this event for several years, we knew the types of gifts that Facebook wanted to give attendees. We found green solutions for recycled apple journals, bamboo pens, bamboo stickers, handmade, seeded bookmarks, and reusable straws plus locally made Marine Layer brand sweatshirts and blankets.

“The group fell in love with the Marine Layer sweatshirt recommendation and their blanket which they received as the special team gift. We knew the company and the quality, but were not aware that we could get their products, that the company is locally based, and that 50% of the material was made from a sustainable material.”

Carrie S

Senior Planning Team Member, Facebook

The Solution

We added special touches to characterize how each gift was green including a custom card, printed on FSC certified paper, for the journal, pen and bookmark, and tied the rolled sweatshirts with different recyclable color raffia and hang tag, in lieu of the traditional colored rubber bands, so that the sizes could be quickly identified.

SVS put together an on-site recycled t-shirt program for Marine Layer and Facebook where donated shirts are repurposed into new material, and then used to make new recycled tees. We worked with Facebook to have donation barrels at the event, and notified attendees in advance to bring old t-shirts. In total, 900 t-shirts were donated making the program a win-win for everyone involved.

At the 11th hour, Facebook learned the on-site caterer would not be able to provide biodegradable plates and utensils. SVS came to the rescue and successfully produced printed plates and utensils on time!

The Comma-Con team received accolades from the attendees who loved the gifts. The team was also excited that they were able to achieve their green goal.

The program was recognized with a PPAI Pyramid Award, the highest industry recognition for innovative, creative, and successful promotional campaigns.

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